For Baby

North Star Newborns offers one on one care for newborns and infants from birth to 12 months. Our service is primarily focused on the needs of the baby. The nanny is responsible for gentle, loving care, sterilization of bottles, and keeping the area of care neat and orderly. We are a nanny service, so we work in your home following your lead in the type of care you would like for your baby. We are available on call, or in advance. We have helped women that need to finish up classes for a degree, women that run their own business and just need help occasionally, a husband and wife looking for an evening out together, families that have had a nanny call in sick, or the nanny is on vacation. We have a client that we are working with in April that simply wants to delay their baby’s entrance into daycare until the baby is a bit older. Whatever your needs are, we try to meet them! Pricing is based on the experience and education of the nanny. In special circumstances, our fee can be adjusted to meet the needs of the family.

For Family

We also provide the following to get parents and babies off to a happy, healthy start:

  • Onsite newborn nanny training and ongoing support for both the nanny and the family.
  • Happy nannies and happy babies help prevent high nanny turnover!



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