“‘Her standard hospital ID band was picked up off of the floor and scanned for identification and medication dosing.”

Precious feet, soft skin.

A standard hospital ID Band

When she was born, her grandmother was rather shocked at the sharp edges of her ID band irritating her soft skin. Visible tiny scratches on her newborn legs.

Pretty standard in hospitals until hours of research by this grandmother revealed a solution – that blue ID band in the picture below is the answer – aptly named “BabySoft”.

The Brenmoor BabySoft ID Band

Fast-forward 5 months… same baby, different hospital, no ID band at all because it would not stay on. Her ID was found on the floor of her hospital room, and promptly scanned for information including medicine. Twice!

Not an issue with BabySoft ID’s. North Star Newborns has a heart for babies, and we are hoping for a change in all hospitals.

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