NSN-BabySoft, LLC is now the exclusive U.S. distributor of BabySoft Newborn Identification Bands!

BabySoft ID bands are a uniquely patented  ultra-soft and secure newborn identification band providing greater safety through comfort and security. 

-Safety through Comfort: Only an allergen and latex-free, sealed-cell soft foam comes in to contact with a newborn’s skin so there is less risk of irritation, thus less risk for infection. BabySoft ID Bands are completely impervious to absorption of alcohol, blood, soaps, water and all common chemicals used in hospitals.

-Safety through Security: Cross slits and an innovative self-adhesive design mean that the bands are durable and tamper evident. Compatible with direct thermal print, the ultra-slim BabySoft ID Bands offer the highest quality printing and concise scannability of text, barcodes and images for secure, accurate identification and treatment at point of care.

-Fully evaluated in independent lab testing. Complete Skin Sensitization and Cytotoxicity reports available upon request.

-The perfectly soft and secure solution to The Joint Commission Distinct Newborn Identification Requirement effective 1/1/2019.*


Manufactured in the UK by Brenmoor, Ltd. www.brenmoor.com.